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Benefits for Farmers and Sellers

Haroct is there to provide you with:

  • ↑20% better prices
  • ↑50% more customers
  • ↑99% money guarantee
  • ↑100% marketing & publicity
Haroct will also help to reduce:
  • ↓30% process time & workmanship
  • ↓20% less wastage
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Fresh products for Buyers

Through Haroct you as the buyer will find the largest online space of farmers and sellers of fresh produce in Malaysia that you need just with a click of a button. Some other benefits with us:

  • Have the quickest and latest pricing
  • Find better quality produce with our ratings & reviews
  • Allow seller to offer you better produce
  • Have enough supply of stocks in low season
  • Spend less time, cost & effort on administration work
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Our Contribution To The Agriculture Industry


Efficiencies of agriculture farming directly reduces food waste and resources used in the process of farming.


Socio-economic empowerment through digital apps allows independent and underserved farmers to gain equal access to improve their livelihoods by growing their business (especially B40 farmers).


Haroct's digital marketplace utilizes e-payment as a primary mode of financial transaction between farmers and traders where otherwise be on-cash terms where unethical business practices and financial credits are not documented.


Our marketplace serves to provide greater opportunities to influence agriculture products, minimizing costs thus elevating optimized trading allowances to control the price of vegetation efficiently.

All-in-one Package

From requesting to receiving orders, price comparison, paperwork and administration entity, Haroct provides all these services.

Innovating the future

Haroct provides further capacity for farmers & all agriculture possibilities alike to grow into a more efficient industry and thrive under any economic casualty.